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Family Philanthropy Exchange

The Family Philanthropy Exchange (FPE) Steering Committee provides leadership to ensure that NCG delivers quality core programs for its members representing family foundations and other forms of family giving. The FPE Steering Committee plays a key role in expanding the portfolio of outstanding learning experiences that leads to effective, well-informed professional practice to better serve our community with excellence. It also supports the recruitment and retention of FPE members, which is primarily overseen by NCG's Membership Committee.


The FPE Steering Committee members represent the membership by contributing to the development of NCG program priorities while keeping constant a core set of FPE program offerings. The FPE Steering Committee relies on a variety of methods and tools to carry out its work including member data and research, adult learning theory, resource identification and program development.


A member of the Committee must actively participate in the development of core member programs and activities related to enhancing the FPE.  As a member one should:

  • Provide information, access, and resources to inform these programs and activities
  • Commit to participate in bi-monthly meetings;  a minimum of 4 per year
  • Support and assist in the promotion of programs
  • Review and analyze participant evaluations to improve program quality
  • Serve as a Committee representative by attending FPE programs and other NCG activities 
  • Provide leadership by reaching out to others in the family philanthropic community on behalf of NCG

To learn more about the FPE Steering Committee contact NCG Program Specialist Angela Jones at 415.777.4111 ext. 15 or at ajones [at] ncg [dot] org.

FPE Steering Committee Members:
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