U.S. Census

Everyone counts, Count Everyone

An accurate Census count is critically important in order to determine political representation and how billions of dollars are allocated to U.S. communities.

Unfortunately, many deserving people in our communitites go uncounted and unnoticed. All of us—foundations, nonprofits and individuals—can play a role in educating citizens about what the Census is and the safety of participating in it.

Why It's Important

Census information affects the numbers of seats your state occupies in the U.S. House of Representatives. And people from many walks of life use census data to advocate for causes, rescue disaster victims, prevent diseases, research markets, locate pools of skilled workers and more.

When you do the math, it's easy to see what an accurate count of residents can do for your community. Better infrastructure. More services. In fact, the information the census collects helps to determine how more than $400 billion dollars of federal funding each year is spent on infrastructure and services.

Resources for Funders

Census Resource Flyer
Developed by NCG, BABIP and the Mitchell Kapor Foundation, this flyer can be used as tool by funders to share with grantees in order to encourage active participation in the Census. Download the flyer.

Funder Committee for Civic Participation
The Funders Census Initiative (FCI) is an ad hoc working group committed to stimulating interest in the 2010 Census among funders and their grantees. FCI provides a clearinghouse of resources, publications, and organizations working to ensure a fair and accurate 2010 Census. Explore FCI's resources online.

Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees (GCIR)
Along with producing California Counts! A Funder's Guide to the 2010 Census, GCIR offers other resources, best practices and tools to assist grantmakers interested in supporting a fair and accurate census count. Explore GCIR's resources online.


  • Census Resource Flyer
    Developed in partnership with BABIP and the Mitchell Kapor Foundation, this flyer provides timely resources for funder, nonprofits and individuals around Census 2010 participation.


  • US Census Bureau
    Multi-language and multimedia website of the US Census Bureau.
  • California Complete Count
    The California Complete Count Effort (CCE) of the Office of Governor Schwarzenegger’s mission is to ensure that Californians get their fair share of federal resources and Congressional representation by encouraging the full participation of all Californians in Census 2010.
  • Census Jobs!
    Temporary, part-time jobs offering good pay and flexible hours based in your community.
  • Association of Black Foundation Executives
    Information on what's at stake for Black communities and what ABFE members can do.
  • Hispanics in Philanthropy
    Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP) is partnering with the U.S. Census Bureau to help achieve a complete and accurate count of our population as part of the 2010 Census.